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Fractures of Illusion

by Fuck White God

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Roger - Guitar
Ryan - Synth/Vocals
Robden - Drums
Krist - Bass/Vocals


released May 1, 2017

Recording & Mastering by Devour Records
A special thank you to Sergio Candelario

Cover Art by: Robden Gamo



all rights reserved


Fuck White God Los Angeles, California

South Bay Grindcore

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Track Name: Phlegmatic Unconcern
Habitual murder of those around us
in a contest of sport and fame

distracted and selfish
no one bats an eye
comfortably numb
no one takes a stand

how many will have to die to inspire change?

breaking a cycle of apathy
societal implosion

an end result...
Track Name: Target Practice
Maybe I don't know the fucking definition of protection

it's all so ruthless

another human
another wasted soul
lust for blood loss
murder for pleasure

gaining inane power
while we stay silenced

moment of silence
I won't be silent

death for profit
was it worth it?
Track Name: Fratricide
Company of brothers
infested with ignorance
highest of class
lowest of human

white washed fellowships
hateful captains

rape stained legacies
right wing enemy
misogynistic brethren
gay bashing tendencies

keg smashed face
choking on vomit...
out of my way
you fucking normie scum
Track Name: Gut Rot
Eat the carcass
take the soul
the world is rotting
with none to scold

are we human?
or are we heathens?
cage or not, they all suffer

eat the carcass
take the soul
the world is rotting
abusing death for acceptance

soul devoured
ripped to shreds
vision of death
blood runs red

cage or not, we all suffer
in a tomb of despair
naked and cold

we all burn the fire we impel
Track Name: Voluntary Perdition

the truth alone
has never set anyone free
it's only doubt
which will bring blind obedience
to further a cause

fueling hatred
dividing us all
stripping our free will
in guise of piety

get on your knees and believe the fallacy

I laugh at the God you worship
don't tell me what to believe
Track Name: False Father
Track Name: Malice
What are you trying to defend?
your ego?

there's no room for scum like you

no I don't want to hear your bullshit ideology
on what we wear and who we should fuck

there's no room for scum like you
there's no room

I will make you suffer like you did to them
Track Name: Moral Hypocrisy
No class
No right
No trust
No life

hoarding money in your pocket
all for personal enjoyment
molestation of the youth
no one to recognize the truth

this fucking movement is a game
we're the pawns, they're the tyrants
when will the masses see this through?
there is only pain ensued...

bloody bodies in outstretched poses
seeking an escape from the pain
the final rose on the coffin of faith

all in waiting for God to wash the scum off the streets
Jesus weeps in an unholy grave